Close Line Lion’s Head Antique Walnuts Collection Play Walnut Keep Health Fitness For Hands Massage Hand Ball


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Named:Close Line Lion’s Head Antique Walnuts

The lion head is named as fine lines on walnut surface. The walnut grain is exquisite, beautiful decorative pattern, short, flat, get red soon, and was deeply loved by people.
This kind of lion head is random shipment, only for quantity, promotion,extra value!



Although walnut is a kind of food, it is not a common walnut and it’s a small collection variety in antique industry and insider called antique walnut or collection walnut.There isn’t fruit in itself,so you can not eat it.

First of all, the texture of antique walnut must be deeply enough. Secondly pick it from the tree when walnut is about 70% or 80% ripe, find two pieces in the same of size, decorative pattern, volume even weight.Finally,through decades play, the color will change from shallow to deep till it gets old red.

Some old man kneads walnut in the hands; meanwhile it could exercise the brain and reduce the aging speed of it. Now it is also loved by some collection fans.




Initial purpose of play walnut is to strengthen the body. Modern science proof that kneading walnut can delay the aging of body and have important function in preventing cardiovascular disease and avoid stroke have very big effect. Especially some people are long engaged in desk work, play walnut can relax tendons, preventing occupational disease efficacy. In addition, through years playa pair of ordinary walnut become glittering and translucent, then it would be a good work of art.


Add oil on it or not

It is unnecessary add much oil on the walnut surface. Because walnut itself is oily. For new walnut you can add a little of oil if the surface is dry. The right way of adding oil is: choping common walnut we eat in daily, then with the crushed walnut kernel daub on the collection surface directly. You must pay more attention to never add very much oil on it or it won’t get red forever.

Efficacy of walnut     

During the process of playing with walnut, people massage hands by spike, trunk and edge of which adopt skills of rub, pressure, knead, rolling, pressing acupuncture point on the palm, stimulating the reaction zone, so that achieve the aim of dredging the vein, invigorating the circulation of blood, strengthen the body condition. Because of the skin is thick enough, sweat will be dipped into it and grease permeated after long-term kneaded in your hand till it get bright rosy.        

Please Note:

Antique walnut cannot throw, basked in the strong sunshine, also be put on the radiator. Collect it well and put in the small bag gave you when you don’t play. Take good care of it like this then it would never have a crevice.


It is a not agate but the worth maybe exceed agate.

So in the minds of people playing walnut, walnut is not only fitness equipment or a work of art, but it is a apple of the eye in which assemble play, fitness and amusement together. It is a good gift you could give friends.




Acupoints on your hand




Colourful Fabric Bag 


Wraped Package





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Other countries clients must contact me before you buy from store to make sure if it would reach there.

In addition,the seller will not bear any tariffs from the buyer’s customs,thank you for cooperation.



Additional:Beside two express ways of Epacket and EMS as you selected,it also may be fedex and dhl based on facts. 


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Close Line Lion's Head





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