Back in Action


Back In Action is the ultimate how-to guide to fix and repair lower back pain and sciatica through new revolutionary and highly innovative stretches and body movements.

Pilates teacher, personal trainer, speaker and author Kimberly Clark created this remarkable program as she witnessed lower back pain cripple her beloved father in his later years. She studied furiously the physical science behind the causes of back issues that plague so many, condensing her learnings along with her passion for yoga and Pilates into a simple, palatable series of moves that can be done by anyone in the comfort of their own home.

Back In Action succeeds where so many others fail because it addresses the root cause of muscular and joint pain in the lower and mid back, particularly in terms of the repetitive movements and physical habits that lead to the overall deterioration of posture and easy flexibility.

This program has helped thousands with long term back pain return to almost full health, proving virtually foolproof. Best of all, the cost of the program is barely a quarter of the price of a physiotherapy or chiropractic consultation which still fails to deliver without countless sessions.

Kimberly is now able to offer a 60 day, 100% no-nonsense, “lose the back pain or it’s free” guarantee with her program.

The complete Back In Action program includes:

The Complete Back Pain Relief Program Manual – which explains the revolutionary science in plain language. This 8-part manual breaks down, in simple, easy-to-follow terms, the causes of lower back pain, the things that we continue to do wrong, and simple lifestyle improvements, followed by the comprehensive and revolutionary stretching program that is guaranteed to fix the tightest of back pains.

Healthy Back Tips – a bonus ebook which reveals how dieters can tailor their back repair plan to suit their body type. Readers find exactly what, how, and when to exercise each day. This handbook eliminates the guesswork that often accompanies other plans.

Daily Video Series – Just to take all the guesswork out, every stretch is clearly instructed in this amazing series of videos that break down everything in the clearest of terms. Using these groundbreaking workouts, users get amazing results exercising only 5-10 minutes a day.

Price – $37


This is the ultimate follow-up to the Back In Action program that gives users the perfect weight loss and fitness program to add to their daily back stretching program.

Yes, while our readers are spending 5 minutes a day performing their life changing exercises to alleviate lower back pain, why not make it 10 minutes a day and lose stubborn fat as well?

The best part of all, this program has been tailored to not only help people lose weight, but do it in a way that is highly compatible with assisting with back repair and alleviating lower back pain. This includes strong core exercises that strengthen and build the abs and lower back muscles, which will definitely make back pain a thing of the past.


Stretching is one of the most important parts of ANY exercise routine. And knowing how to do it properly can mean the difference between a sore body and achy back or stronger, more flexible muscles.

That’s why we are including this 100% FREE cooldown stretch guide video.

Whether you just finished up one of the gentle routines found in this system or are cooling down after an intense session at the gym – this is one of the best ways to help your body recover from any type of exercise


Like most of the clients Kimberly has had over the years, there’s one problem area of the body in particular that just never seems to tone up no matter how hard one exercises…

The arms.

And worst of all, there’s no other part of the body that’s as exposed either. Tank tops, dresses, and bathing suits can all end up entirely off-limits when one is struggling with saggy, jiggly underarms.

This video offers a simple, easy-to-do routine that can sculpt those loose, shapeless arms into ones you’ll be showing off in no time. This free video is the ultimate companion to not only help our clients feel amazing, but LOOK amazing too.

Price – $67


Pilates & Meditation: Relaxing Stretches For Night-Time Back Pain Relief

This program is the PERFECT way for our clients to end their day and soothe their mind from daily stress while releasing dangerous back tension with these calming stretches.

They’ve never done gentle Pilates before? No problem. The included adaptations make each exercise easy for absolutely anyone!

Skip the professional massage. Get the same stress release right at home…

For just a fraction of the cost!


Never before has it been so easy to take full advantage of the Back In Action program wherever you take your smartphone, tablet, or digital music device. 

  • Take the healing power of the Back In Action program with you to the office, out to the park, or even when you’re traveling
  • Stop worrying about forgetting the precise motions that offer you instant pain relief – now they’re right at your fingertips wherever you go!
  • Skip the embarrassment of disrupting your workplace or distracting your friends and family – all you need is a pair of headphones for complete privacy
  • Don’t wait until you get home to tackle your pain – these audio tracks give you complete access to the healing power of Back In Action wherever you are!
  • Tap into the full Back In Action experience – every stretch, modification, and back-strengthening tip is included