The #1 Hormone That Could Be Hijacking Your Fat Loss

By Danette May

Certified Nutritionist, Trainer, Author

Are you struggling to lose weight, and tired of being disappointed every time you step onto the scale or try on that new pair of “skinny jeans”?

Don’t give up just yet! Because odds are, you’ve missed an important part of the fat loss equation…

You see there are some important keys you shouldn’t overlook when it comes to losing fat. Of course, the calories you consume and exercise are the most well-known, but…

Did you know that hormones play a major role in weight loss?

Fact is if your hormones are out of whack, you’re more likely to gain weight than to lose those stubborn pounds.

And most people tend to ignore hormones when it comes to weight loss, but hormones like leptin, ghrelin and others are responsible for triggering hunger pangs and even binge eating. While many people blame a lack of will power for getting off track, the true blame lies with hormones which can make it extremely challenging to stay the course.

Now that you know what the problem is, you can take steps to control these hormones so that they can aid your efforts to lose weight rather than sabotage them. A hormonal balance that is out of whack ultimately results in an unhealthy, unfit body. And keeping your hormones properly balanced do just the opposite – give you that healthy, sexy, and lean body you desire.

Controlling the “hunger” hormone is key to your fat loss

Out of all the hormones produced by the body after eating, ghrelin is the only one that stimulates your body to eat more. Ghrelin is produced in the stomach, with properties that are the opposite of leptin. Leptin sends signals to the body to tell you when you’ve eaten enough, while ghrelin sends hunger signals, encouraging you to eat more and metabolize less. It also stimulates the parasympathetic system, which is known to help promote fat storage and insulin secretion. Definitely not something you want to when trying to lose weight.

When your ghrelin levels are low, you won’t feel hungry. You’ll naturally eat less, avoiding the temptation to binge eat, turn to unhealthy foods or even addictive substances, ultimately staying in control of your weight.

Why crash diets and skipping meals make you fatter

One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight is not eating enough. If you don’t consume enough calories, you’ll raise your ghrelin levels and lower your leptin levels. This is why people who go on crash diets almost always regain all the weight they lost, and then some.

It’s also the reason behind why you’ve heard skipping meals is a bad idea. When you skip a meal, you’ll delay the output of leptin, and your ghrelin levels will continuously increase, making you want to eat – sometimes, anything and everything that’s readily available.

Studies have shown that when our ghrelin levels are elevated, we’re more likely to make poor food choices, such as sweets or fried foods.

Foods you should eat to keep your “hunger” hormone in check

Controlling your ghrelin levels comes down to what, when and how much you eat. Fact is you can actually burn more fat by eating certain foods that help to not only raise your metabolism, but to keep those ghrelin levels where they should be.

First, don’t be afraid to eat fatty foods, the key is to consume foods with healthy fats, like nuts, olive oil and coconut oil.

Coconut oil is an important weapon in the fight against weight gain. It’s loaded with beneficial fatty acids that work to boost your metabolism and keep ghrelin levels stable, which helps curb your appetite so that you’ll be less hungry and eat less.

Raw and unsalted nuts and seeds, like walnuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds, are also great to have on hand. They contain healthy fats that will prevent ghrelin levels from becoming too elevated as well as keeping the metabolism burning at its max, fighting off hunger pangs in between meals.

Protein is also important. Chicken without the skin, that is not deep-fried, but rather grilled or baked is a great choice. Wild-caught salmon is another outstanding choice, packed with protein – just five ounces contains about 38 grams of lean muscle building and fat fighting protein.

So now that you know eating the right proteins, carbs and healthy fats will help keep your “hunger” hormone in check and force your body to release stubborn fat, you’re going to love the program I created for you on the next page.


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