Get LEANER by overeating carbs every 5 days?

The Dangers of Very Low Carb Diets (Plus How a Strategic HIGH-carb Day Boosts Fat Loss)
by Shaun Hadsall

Pretty much everybody knows by now that lowering your
carb intake can help you lose weight and burn fat faster,
if you use the strategy in a smart way.

Several published studies show restricting carb intake can:

– Reduce body fat more than calorie-restricted low-fat diets
– Lower blood pressure dramatically
– Lower blood sugar and improve symptoms of diabetes much more than low-fat diets, which also helps you burn more fat
– Increase your good cholesterol (HDL)
– Lower triglycerides significantly more than low-fat diets

However, there can be a DARK side to low carb dieting.

Whenever you lower carbs TOO much in your diet for more than 5 to 7
days at a time, it can lead to a downward spiral of metabolic
problems including:

– Suppressed thyroid output (inefficient conversion of T4 to T3)
– Decreased testosterone production (women need this to burn fat too!)
– Compromised immune system function
– Slower metabolism and adrenal fatigue
– Muscle loss
– Slower fat burning and weight loss plateaus
– Leptin resistance (50% LESS fat burning hormone production)

Ya, pretty much everything you want to avoid.

And every one of these negatives side effects can be even
MORE damaging if you exercise intensely 4 or 5 days of the

So even though lowering carbs can be a lethal weapon in
your fight against fat, you have to be careful and use low
carb diets in “smartest” way possible.

This is when using a HIGH carb day comes in handy.

By increasing carb intake after an aggressive burst of lowering
carbs for a few days (something I’ve coined “pre-cheat” depletion),
you can literally REVERSE every negative side effect from above.

For example, increasing your carbs strategically can give you:

– More efficient thyroid output (increased conversion of T4 to T3)
– Increased testosterone production
– Improved immune system function
– Elevated metabolism and healthier adrenal glands
– Gains in lean muscle
– Faster fat burning
– Better leptin sensitivity (increased levels of fat burning hormones)

This is exactly what the High Carb Day from my newest
Xtreme Fat Loss Diet 2015 does.

It allows you to indulge in your most intense cravings
for carbs and purposefully abandon your low carb diet
to offset the adaptations of short term extreme dieting and
exercise methods.

See exactly how to put this powerful combination to work
on YOUR body today using a 5 day “mini” cycle that let’s
you eat WHATEVER you want EVERY 5th day:

> The New 2015 Xtreme Fat Loss Diet: Lose 25 Pounds in 25 Days

Enjoy your leaner body in a few short weeks!


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