5 Reasons Why You Haven’t Lost the Weight You Desire – and What to do About It

1 – There’s a deep, dark, undeniable truth about the weight loss industry and the damage it causes to most women.

2 – Yo-Yo dieting and other “quick fix” attempts not only backfire – but make “rebound” weight gain even worse.

3 – The wrong exercise choices can actually make the body want more food and store more fat.

4 – Common eating habits (even supposed “healthy” ones) actually work AGAINST your personal metabolism.

5 – Most people are deeply confused about how to get the excess weight off and keep it off forever.

Now Let’s Clear Up Those 5 Reasons and Reveal the Answers That Kill-Off Body-Fat

I’m willing to bet heavily that you’ve been through your fair share of frustrating yo-yo dieting phases and have experienced many ups and downs in regards to your weight, your health, your body and your self esteem…

If you’re saying ‘yes’ to what you just read – then you’re in the right place – and are about to discover some extremely helpful information as it relates to your fat-loss success…

My primary goal, right now, is to show you the surprising reasons behind all the unsuccessful attempts at weight loss that you’ve experienced up until this point – and what you need to know in order to finally find true and lasting fat-loss success.

And just so we are up front from the beginning – I want you to know this…

I’m not going to tell you that your answer lies in a 90-minute, grueling gym routine – or in an “eat every 2 hours” type of diet meal plan…

And for that matter – let’s just go down the list so you can see where your fat-loss solution can NOT come from…

  • It will not come from “eating healthy” – simply eating healthy or ‘clean’ does not give you steady and permanent fat-loss.
  • It will not come from a pre-boxed, sodium loaded, microwaveable food home delivery, membership program.
  • It will not come from eating 8 or 9 bland meals and boring snacks every single day of the week.
  • It will not come from the torturous, mind-numbing practice of counting calories or controlling portions.
  • It will not come from some “rare berry extract” pills in a bottle or some other phony, rip-off scam or bogus gimmick…
  • Not from juice-fasting, not from colon cleansing and not from body-wrapping treatments at your local beauty spa…

No, none of that mass market trash here… No way, because this is reality – for people who live in the real world…. People like you and me – with jobs, kids, households to run, family and friend obligations, etc…


What you’re about to discover is a much needed and long overdue perspective on fat-loss and weight reduction.

A perspective that not only defies ‘what everyone says’ – but has also created a heated controversy in the weight-loss and fitness industry – a controversy which is sure to change how people ‘traditionally’ attempt to lose excess weight…

Truth be told – this has been a long time coming…

And it’s important for me to tell you that what I share here is not greatly appreciated by many of my peers and professional colleagues – for the primary reason that it goes against what they all teach and believe in…

But this is an area that is close to my heart, by personal, firsthand experience – and it’s in an area which is in need of serious change and proper adjustment – for the long term health, self-esteem and physical well being of people exactly like you and I…

And It All Starts With Modern Day Reality

You know how everyday life is…

It’s hectic, it’s random, it’s challenging in many ways…

Sometimes it even feels so out of control… But this doesn’t mean you should have to stay overweight – or even keep gaining weight just because of ‘everyday life’.

What I’m about to reveal is very new – and I promise you won’t find this anywhere else.

After a few years of observation, analysis and powerful validation – I’ve spent several months pulling it all together – into a format that you can completely understand – and immediately benefit from…

But First, I Reveal the Diet/Weight-Loss Industry Cover-Up…

There’s an unfortunate cover-up which exists in the diet and weight loss industry…

And it’s been around since the early days of diet fads and weight loss ‘methods… Let’s just call it an ‘inconvenient truth’ that nobody talks about – because they all want you to think their solution is the answer for everybody, and the answer for you.

This truth has been swept under the rug for decades, and the perpetual yo-yo diet syndrome, so many of us endure, is the end result.

False conclusions and faulty assumptions, made by people trying to lose body fat, are at the root of the problem…

99% of the time – when you attempt to lose weight – and it doesn’t work the way you thought it should, you unjustly trick yourself into believing, that for some reason, YOU must have done What I Share Heresomething wrong to prevent the weight from coming off.

You are tricked into believing that the product or program should have worked – but because of something you did – or didn’t do – it didn’t work for you.

It doesn’t matter what ‘methodology’ you are focusing on:

  • the glycemic index
  • ph Levels
  • traditional exercise programs
  • toxins in your digestive tract (colon cleansing)
  • hormone imbalances
  • vitamin/mineral deficiency
  • wrong food/nutrient combinations (carbs, protein, fat, etc…)
  • metabolic syndrome
  • etc, etc…

And you know that list can be longer – but go ahead and take your pick. Think of the ones you’ve tried over the years…

You would think that at least one of them would have given you permanent results, right? Well, no worries – because that’s what most people think…

But contrary to your reasonable and hopeful expectations – whatever you tried didn’t deliver the results you set out for.

There’s a big reason for this – And it will become completely understandable to you when I blow the lid off the shameful, weight-loss industry cover-up I mentioned above.

You’ll also know how it brought total clarity to my understanding of how to rid the human body of excess body fat… how it changed my life… and how I’m using it to help change other peoples’ lives. People just like you…

Despite the persistent urging of clients and friends, I’ve hesitated to go public with this for about 5 years – as it’s considered unconventional by my peers and the mainstream media…

However, I’m not one to go with the flow of the crowds just for the sake of it – and it’s not in line with my morals to hold something back that can be of great help to other people.

Something very rare happened in August of 2009 – something that gave me that little extra push to go public with this report you are reading right now…

Mainstream Fat-Loss ‘Info’ Hurts Everyday People

See, ‘conventional’ information is everything that you typically hear on TV, in womens’ magazines, at the water cooler – and anywhere else in the mainstream gathering places where people communicate, consume and/or exchange information..

But – the problem i
s people usually only talk about what’s common and comfortable, things that ‘everyone’ is already familiar with… Information that’s already accepted by society as “fact” – even ifCapture those facts don’t prove to be right when put to the true test in real-life situations…

Even most professionals, in any given field, are afraid to go against the grain – which is really only a set of beliefs that everyone is comfortable with – even if that set of beliefs is wrong or inaccurate in many situations…

Everybody wants to ‘play it safe’ out of fear of being labeled as a rebel, a turncoat – or even a kook…

Well, that stuff doesn’t bother me anymore… my professional skin is thicker now… and if I know I can help someone I’m going to do it – even if my advice is seen as unconventional by some…

Let’s take the subject of fat-loss – the subject that brought you here in the first place…

No matter which option you look at – all the ‘methodology’ in each choice category is the same – and all the marketers of those choices – preach the same ‘reasons why’ their product or program is the solution to your weight loss problem… And it sounds like this:

The Mainstream Weight Loss Lie

I’m going to probably make some people mad and invoke their anger, but so be it. Because this needs to be called what it is… a lie.

“You need [PRODUCT NAME], because doing [FILL IN THE BLANK] makes you gain weight and get fat…”

Here’s how it sounds with some of the most popular mass-market fads (you already know this – but reviewing it all now – will help you understand what your fat-loss solution is soon going to be).


“You need [The Mini-Carb Diet Plan & Carb Blocker Pill], because [eating too many carbs & starches] makes you gain weight and get fat…”



Portion Control

“You need [The Portion Trimmer], because [eating uncontrolled portions] makes you gain weight and get fat…”



Calorie Counting

“You need [The Calorie Abacus], because [eating too many calories] makes you gain weight and get fat…”



Unrealistic Gym Workouts

“You need [Psycho-Sweat Fitness Training], because [not being extremely active] makes you gain weight and get fat…”



8 – 9 Meals Per Day

“You need [The Meal-Dealer System], because [eating only 2 or 3 times per day] makes you gain weight and get fat…”




“You need [The Fat Watcher Plan], because [eating fat] makes you gain weight and get fat…”


And that’s just a short list. I easily could have listed several more pages of various offerings that throw you the same kind of canned pitch.

It doesn’t matter – take your pick, each option has it’s ‘sneaky angle’ – but as we both know, they each have their major shortcomings and fatal flaws…

Because if they didn’t, you wouldn’t even be reading this – as I’m willing to bet you’ve tried at least 2 or 3 of those fat-loss methods – and here you are, still seeking your solution to this day…

It’s no secret; all these various fat-loss options out there sound so simple in the beginning (very devious marketing)… But once you try to get into it – you realize how complex, confusing or simply unrealistic each of them really is…

And “complex, confusing, and unrealistic” simply do not mix well with your busy life… It’s a clear mismatch of basic principles and day-to-day details…

But most importantly – the human body is simpler than what most weight-loss solutions proclaim it is.

Your body has many self regulatory and control systems – that do what needs to be done without us even having to think about it. So, when we introduce complex, confusing, and unrealistic actions and habits into the picture – we run the risk of knocking things out of whack – which can lead to unwanted changes…

In other words, your choice of fat-loss method can backfire, resulting in more weight gain – or simply not work at all.

Either result is extremely frustrating – and for some, depressing and discouraging.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that all of these offerings won’t work for anybody. I’d be lying if I said that. The truth is – we all know one or two people who have had success on some kind of program like I listed above.

But there is also a fundamental mismatch that isn’t so easy for most people to recognize – let alone be able to do something about it…

Did you know?


The Deeper, Darker Truth About Fat-Loss

Here is something that can’t be denied…

Out of all the people we know, including ourselves, who have tried over and over again, to lose body fat and shed all their excess fat weight, via one of the options above – only a VERY tiny percentage of those people were ever successful at getting all the excess body fat off – and keeping it off for good.

Think about that for a minute…

Think about all the people you know…. friends, family, co-workers, etc… And think about how many of them have tried all the popular ‘diets’ and weight loss programs.

How many of those people ever found true and permanent fat-loss success?

I can say, without a doubt, only a very tiny fraction of all those people you know, ever reached their desired goal.

Am I right, or am I right?

Well, it should be of no surprise that our observations are backed up by clear and solid statistics. Because in 2005/2006 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention collected enough population data to show that 67% of adults, age 20 and over – were classified as overweight or obese.

Now – this statistic has been climbing annually as obesity rates have continued to rise.

So, fast forward to now – and we can be sure that its at least at the 73% mark – or higher… And this isn’t hard to believe, because all we have to do is just look around when we are in public…

The mall, the supermarket, the workplace – you name it – just look around and it’s a sure bet that at least 70% of the people you see are overweight. I know it is when I make this observation while out in public places.

But here’s the scary part… and despite being scary, it holds the key that will unlock your fat-loss mystery.

Weight Loss Companies Getting Filthy Rich But More People Still Getting Fatter

In America alone – a staggering $19 billion, yes, with a ‘B’ – is spent on health club memberships, every year.weight loss companies get richer

And if we include our friendly countries of Great Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and all the others – that number expands to a mind boggling figure…

But even with all these people frequenting the health clubs in droves, the worldwide stats for overweight populations still continues to grow out of control, year after year.

Something is definitely wrong with that picture – Isn’t it?

The school of thought that teaches “exercise is the only way to lose weight for good” doesn’t seem so logical anymore – And even more so – it validates the frustrating experience of countless gym goers who have tried, to no avail, the over-hyped “workout way to weight loss…”

Contrary to popular opinion – the human metabolism prefers not to be ‘jacked up’ or ‘turbo-boosted’ into the stratosphere.

The main reason being is that when the metabolism is forced into overdrive – so is your appetite and your body’s desire for even more food, nutrients and calories…

Wrong Fat-Loss Methods Cause People to Overeat & Gain Weight

So you end up taking in calories that negate what you burned during exercise – and some people even get caught up in a calorie rebound. This is where they take in a higher amount of extra calories – as compared to what was burned as a result of their workout.

This is called the ‘compensation effect’ – which I’ll explain soon…

But what it shows us is that we need is a simpler approach that caters to our natural metabolism and is in sync with it – instead of trying to force it into a zone that causes the opposite, unwanted results.

To clarify what this problem is – and what the solution is supposed to be – let’s look at several of the most ‘conventionally accepted’ fat-loss options – and why they only work for a tiny fraction of the people who try them…timeMagazine

The first is actually the most popular – and once we shine the light on this surprising reality – all the other examples will make perfect sense as well…

A few pages back I mentioned August of 2009… That’s when TIME magazine printed an article titled; ‘Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin’ – which showed why exercise doesn’t make you lose weight and get thinner.

It has set off a debate that isn’t going to end anytime soon – because there is some real merit to the findings and proof presented in this long overdue article.

Here are some of the publications and institutions that Time magazine quoted in their article: “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin”


The kind of proof that answers the question:

Why is it so hard for me to lose weight and keep it off?”

As you can imagine – this has caused a seething uproar in the weight-loss and fitness industry – and really has lots of my peers pretty angry and upset…

Not me though – as this has been something I’ve been speaking about for 5 or 6 years now – and I knew it would only be a matter of time before a major media outlet would have enough backbone to thrust this issue into the public spotlight, for all to see…

So, let’s look at some of the important points of this article – and how they could reveal the secrets to your permanent, personal fat-loss success.

One of the most critical problems defined in the article is metabolic “compensation”, which I mentioned briefly, above…

“Metabolic Compensation” Makes You Eat More

Put simply, compensation occurs when you participate in an exercise program and then your body responds by signaling for ‘higher than normal’ calories via a hyped up appetite.

In essence – your body compensates for the metabolic overdrive by pushing you to take in even more calories to replace the intense energy deficit and nutrient depletion that follows.

This highlights a very common complaint by people who try the typical workout/gym method to lose body fat…

They complain about being so much hungrier, and wanting to eat more often – as opposed to when they are more sedentary. And because of their exercise induced, hyperactive appetite they are having trouble losing weight – many even gaining weight… Not Good!!

Let’s take a closer look at another supposed fat-loss option made popular by mass media and faulty word of mouth – which is also known for backfiring on many people who go this route…

I know you’ve heard this one – You may have even tried it…

Wrong!“…Eat a Full Breakfast First Thing In the Morning – and Then Eat Every Two Hours.”

Hah!… Are You Kidding Me???!!!

In the 1980’s the idea that eating more will help “boost your metabolism – and hence make you burn more calories…” became a commonly touted way to try losing weight.

From this notion came the unsubstantiated rule of “Eat breakfast first thing in the morning – and then never go more than 2 hours without eating a meal or balanced snack to keep your metabolism at it’s highest level…”

Your Body Is Not A Machine – It’s MUCH Smarter

In essence, you were supposed to treat your body like a machine and keep pouring fuel into it – to keep things ‘burning’…

The scare tactic to push people into trying this approach misled people into believing that if you do not eat enough – or eat often enough – your metabolism is going to shut down and force your body to start storing calories and hence gaining weight – instead of losing it.

So people who were overweight were tricked into thinking it was due to not eating enough.

Can you imagine that?

Just think about that logically and it makes absolutely no sense at all. And yet people bought into ‘the story’ and took another chance out of desperation.

Sadly, this one still happens to thousands of people everyday…

Clever marketers call this, the body’s “starvation mode” – which is an absolute joke in and of itself…

I’ve never seen a news report, or photos, of overweight hunger strikers. Have you?? And I’m yet to see photos of overweight people from undernourished populations in third world countries. What about you??

There is no such thing as ‘starvation mode’. That’s why I say:

“Starvation Mode” is a Sleazy Marketing Phrase

Your metabolism will not ‘shut down’ until the day you die.

Until that day comes – your natural metabolism keeps humming along.

The only thing you need to do is tap into your personal metabolic rate, and synchronize yourself with it.

Once you do this – your body simply wants to shed any extra body fat for a proper level of comfortable, healthy and optimal level of natural weight loss.

Your Body WANTS To Be At An Ideal Weight

But it’s hard to be there when you are constantly being falsely educated with misleading information – Or are presented with fat-loss ‘solutions’ that are based on twisted marketing folklore – instead of realistic and proven principles of natural human physiology.

I’ve been exposed to both sides of this coin…

The true side – based on physiology and kinesiology – and the ‘shifty’, profit motivated side – based on slick marketing and loopholes in the advertising laws that allow people like you and I to be seduced – and filled with hope that some new ‘magic bullet’ is our solution to fat-loss – the piece we’ve been missing all along…

I’ve even been fooled a few times along my own journey to success – But that journey and the bumps in the road I faced have allowed me to come full circle.

You’ll be surprised to know – despite holding 2 degrees in the field of Physiology and Wellness, it still took me 15 years to figure out exactly how to get all my own excess body fat off permanently – and, ultimately, how to use what I discovered to help other regular people do the exact same thing.

And now, I’ve reached a point where my unique perspective will let me help countless others find the same path to long-term fat-loss success and a life filled with energy, high self-esteem, self-confidence and optimal health…

Being deeply involved in helping guide people toward an ideal, comfortable, healthy and attractive body weight has given me a rare, long-term insight into all the different things people try – at various times of their life – to lose all their excess body-fat in order to achieve a desirable, healthy and comfortable weight.

Additionally – I have had the ongoing opportunity to consult with some of the top people in the fat-loss industry. And in the past few years – I’ve put a heavy focus on learning why most fat-loss options do not work for most people…

And here is what I discovered:

You Have a Unique ‘Personal Metabolism’

Each and every one of us has our own “personal metabolism”…

A metabolic rate that is unique to you and only you.

Think of it along the lines of ‘personality’. Everyone has their own, unique personality traits – and even though there may be some similarities between certain people – No two people have the exact same personality. Not even identical twins…

Same thing applies to your metabolism.

Sure – there are formulas that are supposed to give us some kind of close estimate of what our metabolism ‘might be’ – and what our bodies require on a daily basis. But the problem is – these estimates are only hypothetical guesses that generally classify us according to a formula…

Well, there’s a hidden problem with that… And it’s a very big problem…

These formulas of estimation are derived from broad population cross-sections which are then analyzed according to theories which produce hypothetical assumptions of metabolism levels.

What these formulas can NOT do is factor in YOUR unique genetic profile.

And out of every factor – that is the most important. It is the single-most critical factor – and it is the one that can’t be determined by a theoretical formula.

Simply knowing this fact – changed everything for me – and now, YOU.

So, what does this mean?

It means that all products and programs that are intended to help you lose excess body fat are trying to do so – without even knowing what your ‘metabolic personality’ is. And in addition to that – they then try to force your metabolism to do things it doesn’t want to do…

The “Metabolic Mismatch Factor”

All these various attempts to push your metabolism into doing something it really doesn’t want to do results in a mismatch of method and results.

After seeing how each method contradicts the natural flow of the metabolism – I came up with a name for the phenomenon. I call it The Metabolic Mismatch Factor.

When a method of fat-loss is mismatched to the human metabolism – the opposite effect of weight gain is the result. Or, at best, there is simply no resulting fat-loss despite your strict and disciplined efforts.

And with TIME magazine highlighting the documented failure of the most popular, ‘supposed’ method of weight-loss – it’s easy to see how all the other ‘inferior’ diet and fat-loss methods are also deemed ineffective in terms of definite, long term weight loss results.

The Metabolic Mismatch Factor categorizes all fat-loss methods that try to force weight loss by going against your body’s natural metabolic functions.

When we look at if from this logical perspective it makes all the sense in the world when we see how many people never achieve their desired goal of permanent weight loss.

Metabolic Synchronization” The Forgotten Fat-Loss Principle

The only way for people like you and I to lose body fat permanently is by the simplified approach of Metabolic Synchronization – because it taps into our natural thermogenic rate and leverages the power of your natural metabolism – 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

When you tap into what your metabolism naturally wants to do – instead of mistakenly forcing it to do something it shouldn’t – some incredibly positive things happen…

So, in the big picture – you go from the faulty ‘Metabolic Mismatch’ to the power of Metabolic Synchronization…

And now you have some real leverage. Leverage of truthful information combined with a simplified and realistic plan of natural action.

You now have an inside perspective on your body as it relates to your weight and body-fat – and now you’ll know what to do; Just like Glenna:

Woman Drops 80 LBS and Hubby Drops 57 LBS Just by Copying Her

80 lbs weight loss success story

Your Metabolic Synchronization ‘To Do’ List (read this section CLOSELY so you ‘get it’):



1 – Stay away from the ‘Gym Lifestyle’ approach and unrealistic workout routines that force your metabolism into artificial overdrive, along with your appetite – and don’t fit into your busy schedule anyway.



2 – Stay away from any strict, mechanical or unrealistic methods of dieting or weight loss programs – such as:




Eat a full balanced breakfast first thing in the morning, followed by 5 evenly spaced meals & snacks



Eat 8 – 9 small meals per day, every 2 hours – in a 40/30/30 balanced ratio of protein, carbs and fats



Eat only whole, unprocessed foods that are not frozen, canned or packaged; Prepare them fresh daily



Eat only lean proteins, some fats, and only very minimal carbohydrates; with no sugars or desserts


unrealisticEat mostly seasonal vegetables, and leafy green salads with very little animal protein or dairy


If you look at that short list again – there’s no doubt that some of them ‘sound’ logical – but when we try to do this stuff in the mix of everyday life – IT JUST DOESN’T WORK…

We need something more flexible – more ‘realistic’ – that fits into a normal person’s life…



3 – Stay away from processed, preserved and pre-packaged, auto-delivery meal plan systems – as these are rigidly structured diet programs – that are hard to stick with long term – and still don’t give you the tools to ‘eat right, naturally’ for the rest of your life.



4 – Stay away from any type of proposed fat-loss solution that is too complex, confusing or deeply tied to fine details. Realistic fat-loss is not rocket science – and does not need to be treated as such. The simpler your choice – the more likely you are too see both short term fat-loss and long term success.



5 – Stay away from all fat-loss products that ‘sound too good to be true’. Anything that comes in a bottle or clever package in the form of pills, tablets, liquids or powders can seem very alluring and enticing – especially when presented with the sneaky marketing ploys and emotionally engaging sales pitches. The dangers of these types of products are real – and at the very least – they are capable of jolting your natural metabolism in a way that backfires on you and your body.


  • 6 – Focus on getting in tune with your natural and comfortable eating patterns. Doing this helps you to get in sync with your natural metabolic rate. Just beware that what you and your body prefer may not match up with what the mass media and other common info sources may tell you. Just know this is perfectly OK.
  • 7 – Focus on building your own selection of foods from the major food groups – that YOU prefer and can stick with on a week to week basis. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to follow a full spectrum diet with all variations of fruits, veggies, grains, fats and proteins. This is overkill – and can derail your efforts very quickly simply by overwhelming you in the early stages. Simple is better for starting off – and you can always diversify your selections and meal options as time progresses.
  • 8 – Focus on the fact that you have your own, unique, metabolic personality – and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. During my career, I’ve met so many people who felt very comfortable eating 2 meals per day, but then regrettably changed this after hearing so many unsubstantiated reasons why they “shouldn’t do that”.
  • Bottom line is this: If you feel good eating 2 meals per day – that’s ok!! That’s your metabolic personality – and that’s where you’ll be able to leverage the power of Metabolic Synchronization for definite fat-loss results.
  • 9 – Stick with foods, meals and snacks that can be purchased at your favorite supermarket or online supplier. Let’s say you mistakenly go with a pre-boxed, celebrity endorsed, meal membership delivery program – You are simply setting yourself up for definite conflicts of (A) sticking with the meal choices – and (B) dealing with situations such as visiting friends, going on vacation or “graduation” from the packaged food regimen.
  • When you tap into the natural power of Metabolic Synchronization, with readily available, common foods – you set yourself up for permanent fat-loss success – No matter where you live in the world – because it works everywhere – in any country.
  • 10 – Realize that there are no right or wrong times of day, or night, to eat. As an example – there are people who eat very lightly in the early parts of the day – and then enjoy a good dinner, and maybe even an evening snack, closer to bed time. There is nothing wrong with that – at all.
  • Many experts would see this as a problem, though – and try to manipulate this eating pattern. But the truth is – it fits that person’s metabolic personality. So, we shouldn’t mess with it. We should actually tap into it for Metabolic Synchronization – to give us the desired amount of permanent fat-loss.
  • 11 – Be aware that most ’emotional eating’ is of a very superficial nature. When we make attempts at fat-loss, and those attempts end up getting us no results – we feel helpless, as if we have no control over our bodies and our quality of life.


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